NATS trigger#

Reads messages from NATS topics. Function replicas are subscribed to a worker group (queue), and messages are load-balanced across replicas. To join a specific worker group, specify a queue-name attribute in the trigger configuration.

The queue name may be a Go template, which may include any of the following fields:

Name Type Description
Id string The trigger id
Namespace string The function deployment namespace
Name string The deployed function name
Labels map Labels specified in the function metadata
Annotations map Annotations specified in the function metadata


Path Type Description
topic string The topic on which to listen.
queueName string The name of a shared worker queue to join; (default: an auto-generated name per trigger).


    kind: "nats"
    url: "nats://"
      "topic": "my.topic"
      "queueName": "{{ .Namespace }}.{{ .Name }}.{{ .Id }}"