RabbitMQ trigger#

Reads messages from RabbitMQ queues.


Path Type Description
exchangeName string The exchange that contains the queue
queueName string If specified, the trigger reads messages from this queue
topics list of strings If specified, the trigger creates a queue with a unique name and subscribes it to these topics
reconnectDuration string of duration The duration to wait before reconnecting to RabbitMQ. Default is 5 minutes.
reconnectInterval string of duration The interval to wait before reconnecting to RabbitMQ. Default is 11 seconds.
prefetchCount int The prefetch count of the broker channel. Default is 0.
durableExchange bool Define if the exchange is durable. Default is false.
durableQueue bool Define if the queue is durable. Default is false.

Note: topics and queueName are mutually exclusive. The trigger can either create to an existing queue specified by queueName or create its own queue, subscribing it to topics

Note: when running in Kubernetes / docker, the consumer name is the host name (pod name, e.g.: my-pod-1234) and the connection name is consisted of nuclio-<func-name>-<trigger-name> to allow differentiation between multiple functions consuming from the same server.


    kind: "rabbit-mq"
    url: "amqp://user:pass@"
      exchangeName: "myExchangeName"
      queueName: "myQueueNameName"
      reconnectDuration: "10m"
      reconnectInterval: "60s"
      prefetchCount: 1
      durableExchange: true
      durableQueue: true